Conversation converts. Paloma® makes it easy.

We provide everything you need to open Facebook Messenger as a growth channel, driving conversions through automated messaging.


Meet your new growth channel: Messenger


Messenger outperforms email 4-10x with:


Open rates


Click thru rates

Industry average


Qualify and convert leads

Dynamic, automated conversations engage quickly and provide each customer with the most relevant content and opportunities.


Retarget strategically

Broadcast content with segmentations for higher performing, personalized conversations at scale.

Holding hands

Automate inbound

Carrying inbound down the right paths, so your team doesn't have to.

Platform & services to make it happen

Not into software? Our concierge service provides strategy, content and channel management, so you can provide a great customer experience without any of the fuss.

People are messaging, you should be too

Marketing with Messenger is the quickest way to turn leads into customers, creating a sustainable, reliable growth funnel.


54.4% of US social media users prefer messaging with brands

Over email, phone and online chat


67% of people plan to message more with businesses

Over the next 3 years


10 Billion messages are sent between businesses and users monthly

On Facebook Messenger alone

Teams love it

Paloma has helped us to better qualify inbound leads in a personalized way – they've made our member journey better, and saved our team time

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