Making Messenger your new growth channel

Paloma® helps you run Click-to-Messenger campaigns, acquiring new customers with automated, personalized shopping experiences.

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Meet your new growth channel

Messenger campaigns provide digital one-to-one sales experiences, increasing conversion intent and reducing acquisition costs.

1. Capture leads

Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads drive customers directly into Facebook Messenger

2. Curate shopping

Paloma generates your conversational purchase funnel using automated messaging

3. Quickly convert

Customers can buy seamlessly through an in-Messenger webview of your product

How we work

Our concierge service provides strategy, content and channel management, so you can provide a great customer experience without any of the fuss – all powered by the Paloma platform.

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People are messaging, you should be too

Marketing with Messenger is the quickest way to turn leads into customers, creating a sustainable, reliable growth funnel.


10 Billion messages are sent between businesses and users monthly

On Facebook Messenger alone

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67% of people plan to message more with businesses

Over the next 3 years


54.4% of US social media users prefer messaging with brands

Over email, phone and online chat

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